Our story begins in 1856.

Josef und Anna I. Hiedler

For a long time our family ran a tannery in the center of Langenlois. The foundation of the winery was based on a lucky coincidence; over 160 years ago. When the then young entrepreneur and leather tanner Josef Hiedler married his wife Anna, she brought with her a few vineyards into the marriage. Josef soon discovered his passion for the winemakers craft, bought the first cellar on the Rosenhügel (Rose Hill) and founded the estate in 1856 with his wife. They cultivated vines in the traditional vineyard sites Thal and Spiegel and started to make wine on a small scale.

Ludwig I. and Anna II. Hiedler

The winery experienced further investments throughout the reign of the second generation. While still active in the leather trade and the tannery, Ludwig Hiedler, one of five children, extended the vineyard area with additional parcels of good Kamptal vineyard sites. With his wife, also Anna, he bought the historic cellar and Heurigen (wine tavern) at the southern slopes of Langenlois, where we still work today. 50 years after its founding, in 1906, the winery was first honored by the Archduchy of Lower Austria. The name Hiedler became a guarantor of good wines and thus Ludwig started bottling his wines and was one of the first winemakers in Langenlois to do so.

Dr. Bruno and Hildegard Hiedler

Dr. Bruno Hiedler was a practicing doctor and continued the tradition very successfully in third generation. Together with his wife Hildegard, he modernized the winery and enlarged the vineyard area to around 8 hectares. At this time, Hiedler wines had already made their way beyond Austria's borders. Following the pioneers spirit of his father, he became the first vintner to plant the variety Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) in the Danube region in 1955. At a time when small, low-yielding grapes were anything but 'en vogue'. He laid the foundation for the great Burgundian varietals, with whom his son Ludwig made a name for himself early on.

Ludwig II. and María de los Ángeles Hiedler

In 1980 Ludwig Hiedler took over the estate in fourth generation and dedicated his life to winemaking. His efforts set the course for the future of the winery. Together with his Barcelona born wife María Ángeles, with farsighted investments in the cellar and vineyard and the introduction of the label with the owl, their wines attracted attention from around the globe. Under their leadership the estate became one of the highest rated wineries of the Kamptal, and thus a leading operation in Austria. In 1992, following their strict idea of origin, they founded the renowned association "Österreichsiche Traditionsweingüter" (Traditional Austrian Wineries), together with six other estates. This association is regarded as the great pioneer of the Austrian vineyard classification.

The fifth generation.

Following the long family tradition, a successor has also been found in the fifth generation, leading the legacy into a new chapter. Two brothers Ludwig Jr. and Dietmar have made good use of the new opportunities of their winemaking generation and explored the world. They have returned home with new perspectives, new ideas, valuable experiences and great enthusiasm. They have already begun to write their own story. Slowly the responsibility flows into the hands of the next generation. Their influence is already well noticeable.

Strong team.

None of our wines are made single-handedly. What the family members used to manage all by themselves is no longer possible due to our size today. We have gathered a strong team around us, many helping hands that all play their part; outside where we look after our vineyards and vines, and in the wine cellar where we take care of the maturing wines. Basically in all operational areas where we rely on mutual support. Making wine is teamwork!