November 28, 2018

Sustainability is in our hands.

Sustainability is a very serious topic. Especially in agriculture we are confronted with the consequences of climate change. Our soils are also in danger. As a family winery, we think in generations and have long lived according to conscious sustainable principles. With all actions we take we always try to later pass on a healthy piece of land to the ones to follow. This is also what the seal Sustainable Austria means to us. Our self-chosen way of winemaking should be more comprehensible for everyone. We are therefore happy to invite you to our winery so you can see for your self what our work looks like.

At a glance: “Sustainable Austria” is a seal of quality for sustainably produced wines. It goes beyond plant protection and grape growing. The wines are strictly checked and produced according to economic, ecological and social criteria. No herbicides & pesticides allowed. From the planting & cultivating of the vineyards, from harvest to bottling, the production process is screened for its sustainability. Biodiversity, economical use of water & energy, manual work and efficient use of machines are evaluated among others, as well as fair working conditions, sustainable economic practices and reduced practices in the cellar. Only if all requirements are met a winemaker can label his wines with the quality seal.