Since 1856 the owl stands as an unmistakable symbol of the philosophy of the Wine Estate. It unites wine and culture and is a symbol for knowledge, tranquility and consistency. In all wines these attributes are reflected in the balance between graciousness, rich aromas and depth. As a vineyard with a strong export focus our wine is a link to other cultures and peoples that opens up borders and represents an awareness and quality of life.

The Hiedler Estate has been in the hands of the fourth generation since 1980, directed by Ludwig Hiedler and his wife María Ángeles. As of late, the next generation already becomes noticeable in the family business.


Our Philosophy

We are committed to sustainability. Compost, colorful flowering green vegetation, wild herbs and natural pest control ensure healthy growth. The ecologically based management of the vineyard ensures the creation of a special yeast flora on the vines and grapes, which is crucial for the later spontaneous-fermentation (with natural yeast) in the cellar. Fully flavoured and ripened vine fruit and selection in the vineyard are part and parcel of the estate philosophy of the absolute quality.

The same high standards required in the vineyard are also applied to vinification and maturing of the wines. The philosophy is to produce all wines in a handcrafted and traditional manner to instill more expression and personality. Therfore we do not use any enzymes or fining agents.

» The secret of good wines is balance « - a mission which creates prize-winning wines reaching beyond Austria´s borders.